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                                                                                             FURTHER UPDATE                              


                         We Are Back!!                                                               20/07/2020

I have now been working safely in the Clinic since June 1st. On July 1st, Laurette Steenkamp(Senior Physiotherapist) returned to work as did Jodie Trueman the Reception Office Manager.  Our booking procedure has changed slightly now, in that we carry out a rigorous screening process via email prior to any potential face to face appointment.  This is done to determine whether a face to face or remote consultation is appropriate in the current environment, in order to minimize risk to extremely vulnerable/vulnerable patient groups and indeed ourselves.  In most cases to date it has been possible to carry out face to face sessions, but please be aware this is determined on the basis of each particular individual's life circumstances. 

We are operating the clinic with no patient crossover.  Jodie sits behind a perspex screen in reception and controls through flow of people entering and leaving reception so that no crossover occurs.  In the treatment rooms, social distancing is maintained when not examining or treating, time in clinic is reduced by pre filling any paperwork and submitting preconsult assessment forms via email(where possible), aprons, masks, face screen and gloves are worn by the Physiotherapist, and face mask must be worn by the patient.  All surfaces are wipeable, full clean down of all touched surfaces after each patient visit, sanitising gel everywhere!  No waiting room, patients allowed in the Clinic only at their allotted time of appointment and taken directly into the treatment room after having their temperature taken. Payment is contactless(where possible) and patient records are now being computerised. 

If you have any questions about our service or if you require our Physiotherapy Services please call us on:

Tel: (01553) 772292

E: reception@physio-centre.co.uk

W: www.physio-centre.co.uk

We are all in this together.

Be safe, be considerate, be kind and stay well,

Mr David Sharp MCSP, Grad Dip Phys

Chartered Physiotherapist

Managing Director

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GP referral is NOT required before making an appointment with a Chartered Physiotherapist at Active Life unless it is a requirement of your private medical insurer.